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                    When it comes to moving in or moving out from a rental property, what comes to your mind is how to make your landlord happy and get your deposit back with out any issues.

Pansy Cleaning Services has the solution for this.

Cleaning can be a chore and we know that you have many choices when you consider hiring a cleaner, for these reasons we are providing highest standards of end of tenancy cleaning our staff has long experience on five stars hotels and cleaning of flats and house In London.

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Let's Make your Property spick and span

It’s always stressful to have to clean up your home/Flat, but the Pansy Cleaning services not! Relax in the comfort of your home while our experts help you keep your home spick and span!

living room modern tv, luggage, modern

Living Room

  • Wipe and disinfect all visible surfaces
  • Vacuum, mop, and polish floor
  • Wipe furniture
  • Neatly and safely organize belongings
  • Treat glasses and windows
  • Wipe appliances
kitchen, home, interior


  •  Oven cleaning or Fridge cleaning
  • Wash, dry and store dishes and utensils
  • Wipe and clean stove and Countertops
  • Vacuum, mop, and polish floor
  • Take out trash and replace bag


bed, bedroom, chairs


  • Make the bed
  • Surface dusting and cleaning
  • vacuum/mop floor
  • Neatly and safely organize belongings
room, inside, furniture


  • Wet, scrub and disinfect surfaces
  • Clean toilet and sink
  • Wet, scrub and mop floor
  • Clean and treat mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Take out trash and replace bags
balcony, small terrace, lamps


  • Clean furniture
  • Remove cobweb
  • Clean Glass
  • Vacuum and mop the floor

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